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The Genealogy and the First People of New Brunswick website promotes the culture of the First Nations people  and provides a framework that retains valuable knowledge connected to the past ways of life and events, and the groups and individuals who once lived within the First Nation communities in New Brunswick. The Chief and Council of the Fort Folly First Nation feel that it is important to remember the contribution of First Nation civilization to the Canadian history of yesterday and today and that it is important to strengthen the social structure of First Nations through the recognition and establishment of historical fact.

Compiling a family history involves tracing a continuous line of descent from a given ancestor. In past times many First Nation people were taught to memorize their genealogy and this data was recited at marriages, funerals and at other feasts and ceremonies. Over time, the ability to trace one's ancestry by memory became a lost art. Today a Mi'gmaq or Maliseet wishing to trace his or her ancestry must search through vital statistical records such as births, marriages and deaths, and through various government and private records to obtain information on their family.

This website is a virtual exhibit highlighting archival sources across New Brunswick that provide a comprehensive view of past and present First Nation culture useful to genealogists and family historians. This exhibit integrates images of different types of genealogical records with audio and visual explanations of what the records are, what they were created for, in which kind of archives they are most likely to be found and what limitations may be inherent in First Nation genealogy. Through consultation of material on this website, users are invited to collaborate in forming a community in which to collect, preserve and share our rich heritage with today's as well as future generations of First Nations and Canadians. Users are also provided with directions to other online resources for further research.