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Glossary of Terms: B

the basic unit of Indian government recognized by the government of Canada.
the publication of the notice of an intended marriage for three consecutive Sundays prior to the event.
baron et feme
husband and wife.
a sailing ship that has two or more masts square rigged except the mizzen or aft mast.
a gift by will of personal property, a legacy.
Bill C-31
The pre-legislation name of the 1985 Act to Amend the Indian Act. This act eliminated certain discriminatory provisions, including the section that resulted in First Nation women losing status when they married non-status men.
bill of sale
a document the purpose of which is to transfer title to personal property.
birth certificate
document recording somebody's birth: an official document that states when and where somebody was born and the parents' names
blood quantum
a measure used in determining tribal membership by setting the minimum quantity of "Indian blood" a person must have in order to qualify. A person's quantum is determined by tracing ancestry back to a "full-blooded" Indian.
bona fide
in good faith.
natural or man-made physical features that define the boundaries of a parcel of land.
a two masted sailing ship with a square rigged foremast and a fore and aft rigged mainmast.
plain-woven, double-width black cloth used mostly for men's clothing.