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Glossary of Terms: C

a two wheeled chaise pulled by a horse, having a top of wood or leather and a large apron.
canine madness
hydrophobia or rabies.
the title, first lines or "heading" of a document, including court records.
cause of action
the basis or reason for commencing a lawsuit.
a warning, a precautionary notice.
caveat emptor
a Latin legal term meaning let the buyer beware.
Centre d'études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson
Université de Moncton Library, Moncton, NB, E1A 3E9 (506) 858-4085 As its name implies, the Centre d'études acadiennes Anselme-Chiasson has as its mandate the study of all things Acadian. In collecting material of Acadian interest, however, much has been acquired that relates to other peoples, including the First Nations.
surrender of territory - the act of ceding territory.
cestui que vie
a life estate transferred to a person.
in land records a lineal measure of land 66 feet, 100 links of a chain, or four poles in length.
change of venue
transfer of a court proceeding to a different court.
personal property.
Church Parish
A community served by a Church or Churches.
civil law
concerns itself with disputes between private individuals that are heard and determined in the courts.
civil parish
A division of land within a County for the purpose of providing the area with municipal and provincial government services.
a supplement or addition to a will.
words in different languages that come from the same original root and have the same meaning. For example, French vue and English view.
collateral relationship
a brother or a sister to one's parents ie, an uncle or an aunt. In genealogy, a collateral ancestor line is sideways, not vertical as in a lineal ancestor line.
collateral relative(s)
Brothers and sisters of an ancestor, your grandaunts and granduncles and their descendants.
common law
unwritten law based on custom, usage and precedent which originated in England as distinguished from the Civil Law of Rome.
a condition of turmoil, civil unrest or, an insurrection.
letter, e-mail, telephone call or interview
communications Log
a summary of questions asked and the data received in each communicationwhich allows tracking of interviews, telephone calls and letters/e-mails and serves as a reminder when a follow-up is required.
comprehensive land claims
Land claims based on the assessment that there may be continuing Aboriginal rights to lands and natural resources. These claims come up in those parts of Canada where Aboriginal title has not previously been dealt with by treaty and other legal means, such as in New Brunswick. The term"comprehensive" is an indication of their wide scope including such things as land title, fishing and trapping rights and financial compensation.
a type of treaty which regulates church affairs, signed between the Pope and a government.
a state of marriage ie, married persons
the relationship or connection of persons descended from a common ancestor; blood relationship.
a guardian or protector of a person and who is appointed by a Court to manage the person's estate.
a companion, wife or husband, or mate.
constructive notice
the opposite to actual notice. It is notice with which a person is charged because of documents filed in the public or official records.
pulmonary tuberculosis.
contested will
a will which one of the heirs finds reason to believe is not correct and challenges it in court.
rights dependent to accrue on the happening of a future event.
the transfer of title of property to another, usually by deed.
the legal document by which the title of property or land is transferred.
a shoemaker.
corporeal hereitaments
right to inheritance of tangible property, e.g., an estate of land.
corporeal rights
tangible rights in property, such as an estate in land, and opposed to "incorporeal rights".
letter, e-mail, interview or any other form of communication to gather or support genealogy facts.
correspondence log
Record the date, a list of each family mentioned, and a summary of each genealogy correspondence and the address where it was sent. This enables you to track correspondence and serves as a reminder when a follow-up is required. A filing system that allows the quick location of data found in correspondences will be of great assistance and will save a lot of time.
a territory with boundaries to facilitate local government for residents of communities within those boundaries.
Court of Appeal
The highest court in this province; hears appeals in criminal and civil matters. It hears appeals from the Court of Queen's Bench, Probate Court, Provincial Court (indictable offences) and various administrative tribunals, for example, the appeals tribunal under the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission Act. The court sits in Fredericton, although it may sit elsewhere if the Chief Justice of New Brunswick so directs.
Court of Queen's Bench
Hears all matters within the domain of family law. The Court of Queen's Bench also has original jurisdiction in major civil and criminal cases. In addition, it has appellate jurisdiction over summary conviction offences from the Provincial Court. The Court of Queen's Bench is divided into two divisions:
- Family Division
- Trial Divison
the skilful making of items by hand. Usually refers to items intended for everyday use and wear which are made with special attention to form and design.
cramp colic
a heraldic bearing or device.
criminal law
deals with those who commit anti-social acts and are prosecuted by government.
the government that represents the monarch. In Canada, this can be the federal or a provincial government.
Crown lands
public lands which are legally the property of the Crown.
in common law, a widower's right to his wife's land if he sired issue by her.
a tax levied by the government on items brought into or carried out of the country.