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Glossary of Terms: E

easement , right of way
an interest in lands of another person - a right of use but not the right of possession.
refers to the spring term in court records.
a buyer.
to put a restriction on how land could be passed on to descendants.
entirety , tenancy by
joint tenancy whereby two persons both own an interest in the same land.
equitable title
one who acquires legal title to land by paying the mortgage.
the reversion of property to the crown under some circumstances, e.g., non-payment of fees.
a payment held by a third party.
the interest which a person possesses or owns in lands or any other type of property, e.g., freehold estates, fee simple absolute estates, fee tail estates, life estates, estate for years, periodic tenancy, tenancy at will.
believing in the superiority of one's own ethnic group. One is unable to understand anothers' beliefs or customs because one interprets them only from one's own point of view.
one who describes a people's culture, society, economy, etc.
an individual appointed by one making out a will to distribute the property mentioned in the will.
in existence or not destroyed.
extended family
an immediate family (father, mother, children) and their relatives, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins on both sides.