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Glossary of Terms: F

a smaller area within a site that was used for a particular purpose - such as a fireplace, a tool-making area, or a house-floor.
fee simple absolute
an estate or interest in lands which the owner holds without any restrictions or limitations.
feme covert
a woman who is married.
feme sole
a woman who is unmarried.
First Nation
A term that came into common usage in the 1970's to replace the word "Indian," which some people found offensive. Although the term First Nation is widely used, no legal definition of it exists. The term "First Nations people" refers to the aboriginal peoples in Canada. Some First Nation communities have adopted the term "First Nation" to replace the word "band" in the name of their community.
traditional customs, tales, stories, etc handed down to descendants by ancestors. Folklore events are often not supported by verifiable records.
Shows exactly from where a genealogical fact came from. Number each fact in parenthesis and at the foot or back of the same page carefully describe or cite the source of the numbered fact.
an estate or interest in land which may be transferred to heirs or others. A fee simple estate.
a distance equal to 1/8 of a mile, 40 rods, 220 yards, 660 ft.