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Glossary of Terms: L

one who owns no real estate and works for wages.
Land claims
In 1973, the Canadian federal government recognized 2 broad classes of claims- comprehensive and specific. See Comprehensive land claims and Specific land claims
land marker
a stone, tree, stake etc. used to mark a spot from which land measurements were made.
land tenure
the ways in which land is or can be owned.
a four-wheeled covered carriage with seats facing each other.
a hospital where lepers were treated.
a person who receives personal property as a result of a will or testament.
letters patent
title to crown land.
letters testamentary
a document from the probate court authorizing an executor named in a will to carry out his duties.
licence of occupation
a permit to use Crown land issued by the colonial government before Confederation.
a claim upon another's property until a debt is paid.
life estates
an estate the duration of which is limited to the life of the person to whom it is transferred.
same blood lines descended vertically as in grandfather, father, son.
the study of the different aspects of human languages.
a unit of land measurement equalling 1/100th of a chain or 7.92 inches.
able to read, write and talk intelligently
a person involved in a lawsuit.
locality research calendar
A form where you can list records and resources abailable for a particular locality. Such a checklist helps make sure all valuable materials have been consulted..
one who actively supported the British during the American Revolution. In 1783 thousands moved north to the region that became New Brunswick in 1784.
lung fever
lung sickness
tuberculosis or the old term, consumption.