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Glossary of Terms: M

master mariner
the captain or commander of a ship.
mensa et thoro
divorce from bed and board; a type of legal separation.
metes and bounds
a method of describing the physical dimensions of a land section by using compass point and distance references. A chain is a unit of measure used in land surveys where the metes and bounds of property are defined and documented as in a land grant or land deed.
People of mixed First Nation and European ancestry who identify themselves as Métis, distinct from First Nations, Inuit or non-aboriginal people. Their culture draws on their diverse ancestral origins, such as Scottish, French, Ojibwa and Cree. They do not have Indian status under the Indian Act.
refers to the autumn term in court cases.
a trade or occupation. A master was required to teach an apprentice the "misteries" of their trade.
one half or equal share of anything.
(Maliseet) a man or woman with extraordinary spiritual powers.