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Glossary of Terms: N

a people who share common origins, history, customs, territory, language and government.
natural child
an illegitimate child.
New Brunswick Genealogical Society
a listing of deaths or obituaries.
next friend
one who acts on behalf of someone who is unable to act for themselves.
non-status Indian
a person who does not have legal status under the Indian Act but who considers himself or herself to be Indian because of descent or way of life.
The territory created in the Canadian North on April 1, 1999 when the former Northwest Territories was divided in two. Nunavut means"our land" in Inuktitut. Inuit, whose ancestors inhabited these lands for thousands of years, make up 85 percent of the population of Nunavut. The territory has its own public government.
nuncupative will
an oral will given just before death in the presence of witnesses and written down afterwards.