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Glossary of Terms: P

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick collects, preserves, and makes available for research, documents and records bearing upon the history of New Brunswick.
writing material made from animal skins.
can be a Church or Civil Parish. A Church Parish is a community served by a Church or Churches. A Civil Parish is a division of land within a County for the purpose of providing the area with municipal and provincial government services.
a type of deed or conveyance of government land to an individual.
a name formed by the addition of a prefix or suffix to indicate sonship, e.g. McDonald, Johnson.
pedigree chart
one of the basic forms used in recording genealogical data. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be used to record names, dates, and places and provides an overview of a family line and clearly establishes kinship. Pedigree charts show the direct ancestors of a particular individual and serve as a road map or index that can help the genealogist determine what research must be done to fill in gaps. Pedigree charts contain a numbering system that allows lines to be carried back onto another chart. It should also be noted that it is a genealogical custom that male names are designated by an even number and female names by an odd number, with the exception of the first person recorded on the chart who can be either male or female. Although pedigree charts come in a variety of forms, most have the common features as indicated below.
a large group of humans sharing a common culture.
per stirpes
the right of heirs to inherit according to blood relationship or ascent or descent of pedigree.
periodic tenancy
e.g., a month to month tenancy.
documents filed in court proceedings.
poll tax
a tax levied on each head or person.
a British unit of money, twenty shillings. Today, worth about Cdn $1.80.
to omit an heir from a will.
Primary sources
Records created and witnessed at the time an event took place by an official in the regular course of business. Primary sources might be records made by government offices when an individual was involved in a land transaction, acquired a license, went to court, filed a marriage bond, was enumerated in a census, had a will probated, served in the military and so on. Churches produced primary sources when an individual was baptized, married or buried. Schools, employers, law offices, businesses and so on can also produce primary records as they conduct their affairs. Primary sources are only as accurate as the data provided to the record keeper.
the right possessed by the eldest son to succeed to the estate of his ancestor, but now obsolete.
An official copy of a will that is legally certified as genuine and given to the executors.
Probate Court
Deals with matters involving wills and estates of deceased persons. Judges from the Court of Queen's Bench preside over the Probate Court.
a formal legal document issued by the Crown or its representative and having the same authority as legislation.
legal process whereby the accuracy of wills, deeds, bills of sale etc. are established.
Provincial Court
Provincial Court of New Brunswick is the entry point for all persons charged with offences under the Criminal Code or other federal or provincial legislation. The Provincial Court has jurisdiction over almost all criminal matters involving both youth and adults. Even in cases where the accused chooses to be tried by the Court of Queen's Bench, the Provincial Court still may be required to hold a hearing to determine whether the accused is to be detained in custody, or to hold a Preliminary Inquiry to determine whether the accused is to stand trial.
(Micmac) a man or woman with extraordinary spiritual powers.
putrid fever