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Glossary of Terms: R

a person who is appointed by court to hold property while the settlement of a suit is pending.
record type
meaning an original record or transcription thereof...also a primary or secondary record.
records search sheet
see research calendar
an official who records land transactions, probates, births, deaths etc.
remitting fever
a lawsuit to recover a stolen item.
research calendar
A form where you can record the type of document, location and page number where individual facts obtained on a particular family are located. You can explain why certain records were searched, and describe the discovered data.
Tract of land, the legal title to which is held by the Crown, set apart for the use and benefit of an 'Indian' band. The proper term is 'designated land parcel for aboriginal occupation'. Individual bands have exclusive right to use or occupy certain land 'reserved' for them.
an action or behaviour that follows a fixed pattern and is repeated at appropriate times to express religious beliefs.