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Glossary of Terms: S

chief (Micmac, Maliseet). Leaders who provided advice and wisdom of their experience. Decisions affecting the community were made by consensus. Chiefs did not control or exert power over others; nor did they have a higher rank than other leaders.
a fore and aft rigged ship with two or more masts, the foremast being smaller than the other masts.
Secondary evidence
is evidence that is not the result of personal observation at the time an event took place but comes from written or verbal testimony. Secondary evidence may contain helpful clues that can be useful in your research, but every fact derived from a secondary source should be verified in primary or official records if this is at all possible.
Secondary sources
are family or local histories, record transcriptions, indexes, guides, compilations, biographies and so on. These sources are considered less accurate because they were created after an event took place or they are compilations that may have errors in transcription, editing and spelling.
a person who would vouch for another.
an English coin equaling 12 pennies.
a sailing vessel with a bowsprit and three, four, or five square rigged masts.
ships fever
a person who constructs or repairs ships.
in New Brunswick it is the chief town in a county where land, probate and other records were once kept. All of these records are now at the Provincial Archives.
sic [sic]
so, thus to indicate an error appearing in a record or other source the author does not correct.
a small sailing vessel with one mast.
Small Claims Court
Small Claims Court was established in New Brunswick in January 1999. The monetary limit of its jurisdiction is $6,000. The Small Claims Court deals with civil matters such as debts, landlord and tenant disputes, and car accidents.Small claims cases are heard by adjudicators, who are senior lawyers appointed from the New Brunswick private bar for a set term. The Small Claims Act provides for a retrial in the Court of Queen's Bench.
minted coins made of metal.
Specific land claims
Land claims that deal with specific grievances that First Nations may have regarding the fulfilment of treaties and includes grievances relating to First Nations' lands and assets administration under the Indian Act.
Status Indian
A person who is registered as an Indian under the Indian Act but not necessarily a descendant of a First Nation person. The act sets out the requirements for determining who is an Indian for the purposes of the Indian Act.
a section in a passenger ship for those paying the lowest fare.
Stereographs became popular after 1850 and remained so until well into the 1900's. By this photographic process two prints were placed side-by-side on a card which when looked at through a special viewer had a three-dimensional effect. Many homes had a viewer and an assortment of card stereographs.
a plaintiff in a law case.
a person who assumes the responsibility for anothers debts.
A formal agreement by which a band consents to give up part or all of its rights and interests in a land parcel designated for aboriginal occupation. Designated land parcels can be surrendered for sale or for lease, on certain conditions.