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Glossary of Terms: T

tenancy at will
the tenancy continues so long as the landlord or tenant wish it to continue.
the occupying or title to land and thus the right to rents and profits accruing from the land.
one who has made a Will; one who dies leaving a Will. See intestate.
a male who executed a will.
a female who died leaving a will.
Tintypes, cartes-de-visite, cabinet prints
In the mid 1850's photographic images were reproduced on thin iron plates that were then coated with varnish. Durable and cheap tintypes were popular until the 1890's and nearly every photograph album has examples. In the 1860's the photographic image was placed on a 2"x3" piece of cardboard and these cartes-de-visite were sent to friends and relatives as souvenirs. Today, carte-de-visite are found in many old photograph albums. In the 1870's, larger 4"x6" cabinet prints with more elaborate backgrounds and with a more artistic appearance became popular. These photographic prints were made from "wet-plate" glass negatives but by the late 1870's factory produced "dry-plate" glass negatives became widely used.
a civil wrong other than a wrong involving contracts.
Treaty Indian
A Status Indian who belongs to a First Nation that signed a treaty with the Crown.
tribal council
A regional group of First Nation members that delivers common services to a First Nation group.
refers to a summer session of a court.
trundle bed
a low bed on casters that could be pushed under a higher bed when not in use.
a equitable right or title to land or other property, held for the benefit of a person(s) known as the beneficiary.
one who holds legal title to land or other property for the benefit of a beneficiary.