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Letter/E-mail Writing

Documents created to gather information should be clean and attractive and be neatly written or typed.  Introduce yourself and then briefly give enough research information as to names, dates and places to put the reader on track, and then ask specific questions. 

A filing system that allows the quick location of data found in correspondence will be of great assistance and will save a lot of time.  Keep a "Correspondence Log" which records the date and a summary of each genealogical  letter/e-mail written and the address where it was sent.  This enables you to track correspondence and serves as a reminder when a follow-up letter/e-mail is required.  Each letter/e-mail in the file of families mentioned in the main letter/e-mail can be put into one "Correspondence Log". 

File a copy of all genealogical correspondence sent and received with the family unit they pertain to.  If a correspondence contains references to more than one family, photocopy the original and file duplicates with the families mentioned in the correspondence.