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Writing Your Life Story

Consider compiling a journal or writing a life story to leave something of value for your descendants.  Tell your story plainly and directly.  Write truthfully about uplifting, refined and honourable events and experiences including a little humour and photographs.  Give a copy of this life story to your children and grandchildren, who will benefit from reading the recorded experiences.  To assist the genealogist compile a life story, a list of suggested topics follows: 

birth :  when, where, parents, surrounding circumstances

childhood :  health, diseases, accidents, playmates, trips, associations with brothers and sisters, visitors in the home, unusual happenings, trips to visit grandparents or other relatives, religion in the home, financial status or condition of parents

brothers and sisters :  names, dates and places of birth, accomplishments, names of spouses, dates and places of marriage, their children

school days :  school attended, teachers, courses, special activities, friends, achievements, socials, report cards, funny situations, who or what influenced the taking of particular courses or doing things they might not otherwise have done

activities :  before, after and between school sessions, vacations, jobs, church attendance or functions, sports, scouting, tasks at home, fun and funny situations

courtship and marriage :  meeting one's spouse, what were the influences in the choice of a spouse, special dates, how the question was popped, marriage plans, wedding parties and receptions, gifts, honeymoon, meeting the in-laws

married life :  the new home, starting housekeeping, spats, adjustments, bride's biscuits, a growing love, joys and sorrows, making ends meet

vocation :  job training, types of work done, companies worked for, salaries, associates, achievements, setting up one's own business

children :  names, dates, places and times of birth, health of mother before and after, how the father fared, habits and characteristics, smart sayings and doings, growing up, schooling, accomplishments, marriage, vocations, illness and operations, accidents

church activities :  as a young person, through adolescence, churches attended, positions held, church associates, church certificates, answers to prayers, lessons learned, necessity and power of spirituality

civic and political activities :  positions held, services rendered, clubs, fraternities and lodges joined

avocations :  sports, hobbies, interests, dramatic and musical activities, reading habits, travels, genealogy, favourite songs, movies, books, writers, poems, etc.

celebrations and holidays :  Easter, Christmas, national and local holidays, vacations

plans and hopes for the future

ancestors :  impressions of older relatives; knowledge of deceased ancestors and how they were an influence