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Directories and Municipal and Private Sector Records

There are a number of provincial and city directories for the years 1857 to 1960 that have been microfilmed at the PANB and made available on interlibrary loan. 

The directories contain the names of residents, their occupations and street addresses.  In addition, there are city directories for the 1900's that have not been microfilmed and which must be used by the researcher in person. 

There are records for several New Brunswick cities, towns and villages that may hold data of use if relatives settled in one of these communities.  Check the Subject Guide to Government Records for a listing.

There are County Council or municipal records for all of New Brunswick's fifteen counties. 

Under the civil parish system of government, each of the fifteen counties were administered by a municipal council consisting of a body of councilors elected by the propertied citizens of the county.  The County Warden acted as chief administrator for the council, while the secretary-treasurer maintained records, coordinated activities and handled correspondence. 

The County Council was responsible for local matters such as education, health, taxation, welfare, public works and elections. Documents include council minutes, committee reports, by-laws and regulations.  Within secretary-treasurer's records are letters, reports, and data on special projects, public utilities, county societies and commercial development. 

In 1966 county councils were abolished as part of the centralization of all government services.

There are over 2,000 private sector record collections at the PANB and many of these contain references to merchants, storekeepers, lumbermen, shipbuilders, druggists, hotelkeepers, lawyers, architects, engineers, manufacturers, mill owners, insurance agents, and other businessmen. 

There also are records for clubs, societies, associations and related bodies whose membership records may contain information on an ancestors place and date of joining, birth date and place, education, residence, religion, names of spouse and children and other biographical data.. 

Researchers should check the Title Index to Private Sector Records and the Subject Guide to Microfilm for lists of the records available.