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Family Histories

Unfortunately, within the collections of the PANB there are few genealogies that deal specifically with First Nation families.  There are, however, many genealogies that may prove useful to researchers whose ancestors married into non-Native families.

The family histories that have been donated to the PANB vary in content and size.  Some genealogies are carefully done with painstaking research and with excellent footnotes and indexes; unfortunately, others family histories are poorly researched, contain no footnotes or documentation and are presented in a very confused fashion.  Older family histories should always be used with care.  Genealogies that are not fully documented or footnoted are suspect because they can contain errors as well as data derived from printed sources rather than original records.

Small genealogies at the PANB are primarily found in the Family Histories Collection (MC1) that contains files of from one to one hundred pages.  In the New Brunswick Publications Collection (MC80) there are larger genealogies in published books, or in unpublished manuscripts.  In addition, there are a number of family histories in the private sector records.

All genealogies are listed in a Guide to Family Histories at the PANB.  This guide lists the surname and sometimes given names, the archival reference number, microfilm reel number and the county where a family lived.  The guide is revised, expanded and reprinted periodically, and family historians must check it from time to time to discover the additions. 

Also available is Genealogies (First Families) at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick by Robert F. Fellows.  Each descriptive family entry contains the name of the head of household, his date and place of birth, the names of his parents and his date of death.  Next are listed the date and place of marriage, the name of his wife and her statistics.  Each of the children and their vital information, including the names of their wives, is listed.  The family entry concludes with the name of the file, book or collection in which the data was located and the approximate number of pages dealing with a particular family.  The fifth edition contains data on 6,284 families taken from over 1,400 files in the Family Histories Collection (MC1), and 2,700 books in the New Brunswick Publications Collection (MC80).  Every year or two new family entries will be added to the database and a new index will be produced and made available to researchers.

Family histories found in other provincial libraries are noted in: New Brunswick History: A Checklist of Secondary Sources by Hugh A. Taylor and three supplements edited by Eric Swanick.  Researchers are reminded to check the listing of families being searched by the members of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.  This list is kept at the PANB and available upon request.