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Civil Vital Records - Births, Marriages, Deaths

Department of Vital Statistics, Supply and Services, Province of New Brunswick

Vital statistics concerns the important events in human life, such as births, marriages and deaths.  The release of birth, marriage and death records in New Brunswick is subject to Federal privacy legislation meaning that a certain time must pass before vital records are opened to the public.  This time period varies depending on the type of vital information.

Provincial birth registrations open after 95 years.

Marriage and death registrations open after 50 years.

Living individuals may apply for their own certificates without this restriction. 

New Brunswick Government Issued Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates

Annually, another year's worth of records is opened to the public.


If you want access to recent certificates contact:

Department of Health and Community Services
Vital Statistics Branch
PO Box 6000, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5H1
A fee is charged for each search.

The current system of registering births, marriages, and deaths in New Brunswick began in 1887.  However, the early County vitals registration process and records management system was not without fault.  Some vitals documentation was not recorded or, was lost which results in the quality of the information varying by information type.  For vital records pre-1920 consult parish records if possible.  For later vital statistics, individuals can apply at any Service New Brunswick office located around the province or contact the PANB.