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First Nation Military Records

First World War:  At the Library and Archives Canada website is a database index to the personnel files of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First world War. Over 600,000 soldiers enlisted for service from all Canadian Provinces. The material content is Attestation or enlistment papers which contain personal information. The scanned records are publicly available for searching. At the website home page, click on the Search word on the left side red bar.  See CollectionsCanada-CEF

For after 1918 Canadian military members, personnel files and the information contained in them are protected by privacy legislation. No online database exists but requests for information by living individuals who have served and by family can be made.  See CollectionsCanada-Military

RS141C6 is an index to Death Registration of Soldiers 1941-1947.

Go to the PANB website home page and click on the Search tab and then click on the Births, Marriages, Deaths tab. Note that this database is not complete for all New Brunswick military deaths over the period.  The material can be searched if you enter the required information.

The data entry format is family name and year killed. A list of names is not provided.  Death Registration details include the date of birth, the father's name and birthplace, the mothers maiden name and birth place, cause of death, etc.  See  PANB-VitalStats

At the Canadian Genealogy Centre website, the Second World War Service Files for Canadian Armed Forces War Dead are available to search. Click on the Military heading and then click on Canadian Forces after 1918 heading. Full access to service files is provided for members of the Canadian Armed Forces who died in service 1939-1947. The information includes those killed in action, those who died due to service injuries and those who died due to accidents or sickness while serving. The data entry format is by name blank; no name list is provided.  See  CollectionsCanadaMilitary-peace

At the Veterans Affairs Canada website, under the title Native Soldiers-Foreign Battlefields, there is information about First Nation people who served in the two world wars and in the Korean WarSee  VeteransAffairs