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Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB)

The PANB was created in 1967 as a repository for permanently valuable New Brunswick government documents.  Also authorized to collect documents from non-government sources, the PANB has become a major repository for permanently valuable documents. 

The PANB is located at 23 Dineen Drive on the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton campus, two buildings down the hill from the Bank of Montreal and the UNB Bookstore.  Parking is available to the side of the building. 


Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
PO Box 6000
NB, E3B 5H1
Web site:
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In the PANB collections there are two sets of documents:  

  1. Government record series (RS):  over 1,000 government records have been transferred from various government departments.  The government record series are designated by the abbreviation "RS".  The Administrative Guide to Government Records provides a detailed listing and description of all government record series located in the Reference Area at the PANB.  A Subject Index to Government Records is also available.  In each RS there is material from a particular department, branch, or agency, or there are records that deal with a specific government function or activity.
  2. Private sector manuscript collections (MC):  over 3,000 private sector records donated by individuals, businesses and organizations.  Manuscript collections from the private sector are designated by the abbreviation "MC".  The Title Index to Private Sector Records provide aids in locating collections with genealogy data. 

Microfilmed government and private sector records are described in the Subject Guide to Microfilm.  There are over 20,000 microfilms available for public use.  When using the Title Index to Private Sector Records and the Subject Guide to Micro-films look up your ancestor's surname, name of the community in which they lived, the county or parish, religion, occupation and any other heading that seems to be appropriate.  The two finding aids mentioned above are in the Reference Area at the PANB.

One of the most important reference tools is the county genealogy guides.  These list microfilmed parish, land, census, probate, marriage, and vital records that are available on interlibrary loan.  The PANB lends its microfilm, no more than three reels at a time, to any library in Canada, United States, or to any other country free of charge.  The borrowing of microfilm and its use will save time and money. 

In addition to describing the microfilmed genealogy records located in every county, the county guides also provide information on the date each county and parish was created, and the names and addresses of various institutions holding records that might be of use.  Periodically the county guides are updated with new information.  There are many valuable records not yet microfilmed and are listed in the Title Index to Private Sector Records and the Subject Index to Government Records.

Research Checklist

  1. Reference area research aids
    • County genealogical guides
    • Publications for sale
    • Subject Index to Government Records  and inventories
    • Title Index to Private Sector Records  and inventories
    • New Brunswick Genealogical Society research lists
    • New Brunswick Newspaper Directory, 1783-1988
    • Books listing newspapers and census records in Canada
    • Census books published by the Provincial Archives
    • Gazetteer and place names books -- to find communities
    • Index to Crown Land (RS686) book -- for an ancestor's land
    • Historical Atlas of York and Saint John Counties
  2. Search Room research aids
    • Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers,  1785-1890's
    • Vital Statistics Branch, County Birth Records 1801-1899
    • Census, cemetery, marriage books by county on shelves
    • Reference books on Canada, United States, the British Isles, surnames, heraldry, Loyalists, etc.
    • New Brunswick Genealogical Society Collection Library including genealogical books and periodicals
    • Crown Land Grant Maps: to see early land grants
    • Photograph collection with index and caption lists
    • 20,000 microfilms of church, land, probate, marriage and census records, newspapers, directories etc.  See county genealogical guides
  3. Family, local, and church histories
    • MC1 Family Histories Collection:  holds small donations
    • MC80 New Brunswick Publications Collection : holds books
    • Reference Library in Search Room
    • New Brunswick History: Checklist of Secondary Sources.   For a list of family, local and church histories in libraries throughout the province
    • New Brunswick: A History 1784-1867 by W.S.MacNutt
  4. Church records
    • See county genealogical guides
    • Check in Subject Guide to Microfilm under county,  religion and name of church
    • See in County Guide to Microfilm
    • See in Title Index to Private Sector Records
  5. Vital Statistics Branch records  (RS141)
    • births, marriages and deaths: see RS141 finding aid
    • additional records and found with the Vital Statistics Branch on Queen Street in Fredericton: $15 per search
  6. Birth records
    • Vital Statistics Branch Records  (RS141).  County Birth Returns: 1801-1899, transcription in Search Room
    • Late Registrations of Birth 1810-1887  (RS141)
    • Births or baptisms in church records; see county guides
    • In newspapers.  Check Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers in the Search Room as well as newspapers on microfilm
  7. Marriage records
    • In county marriage registers: see county guides.
    • Published registers are in MC80 and in Search Room
    • Marriage certificates and bonds: see county guides
    • Vital Statistics Branch Records  (RS141)
    • In newspapers.  Check Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers in the Search Room as well as newspapers on microfilm
  8. Death records 
    • Vital Statistics Branch Records  (RS141) 1888; microfilms in Search Room
    • In church records on microfilm: see county guides
    • In newspapers.  Check Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers in the Search Room as well as newspapers on microfilm
  9. Census records:  1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911
  10. Probate records
    • In county genealogical guides
    • Registry Office record (deeds) contain wills
    • Records of the Administration of the Estates of Deceased Insolvent Debtors (RS575)
  11. Court records:  (indexed by case)
    • Supreme Court (RS42)
    • Supreme Court in Circuit
    • Chancery (Equity) Court (RS55)
    • Exchequer Court (RS189)
    • County Court or Inferior Court of Common Pleas
  12. Crown Land and Registry Office Records
    • Land petitions (RS108) and (RS272)
    • Grants (RS686)
    • Grant maps in Search Room
    • Timber petitions (RS663)
    • Deeds, leases, mortgages in Registry Office Records
  13. Immigration
    • Passenger lists (RS23E)
    • Naturalization records (RS547)
  14. School Records
    • Parish and Grammar school returns (RS657)
    • Teacher petitions and licences (RS655 and RS115)
    • Teacher payment and pension records (RS114)
  15. Military and militia records
    • British military, Audit and War Office records (MC493)
    • Old Soldiers' and Widows' Pension Records (RS566)
  16. County, city, town and village municipal records
  17. Private records
    • Records of individuals, societies and businesses