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Libraries can be of great use especially if they contain published books and articles on First Nation history and genealogy in their collections.  Gaining access to resources in a university library is often done through using computerized catalogues.  Because visitors are not students they may be required to pay a small fee to use the resources or may be asked to obtain a library card if they want to borrow books from a library.  Local public, regional and university libraries will lend out certain books to other Canadian and American libraries, but they will not lend rare books or archival material.

When trying to locate the name of a library possessing a rare copy of a particular family or local history, look in New Brunswick History:  A Checklist of Secondary Sources by Hugh A. Taylor, and three supplements by Eric Swanick.  These guides list books, pamphlets and articles on various aspects of New Brunswick history and note the name of a library where there are copies.