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New Brunswick Genealogical Society (NBGS)

P.O.  Box 3235, Station B, Fredericton, N.B., E3A 5G9

The purposes of the NBGS are to gather New Brunswick genealogical data, help members work on their family history, and help improve the quality of family history research in the province. 

It is suggested that each family historian becomes a member of the branch of the society nearest to where his or her ancestor lived.  There are branches in Boiestown, Fredericton, Carleton County, Charlotte County, Miramichi, Restigouche County, Saint John, Victoria County, and in South-eastern New Brunswick (Albert-Westmorland-Kent Counties). 

Membership in the NBGS entitles you to attend monthly meetings, participate in operating the organization, hear the lectures on various aspects of genealogical research, exchange data on a wide range of family history related topics and gives you the opportunity to discuss research problems.  NBGS members can obtain copies of printed membership and search lists and they have access to other publications.  Local branches often create their own finding aids, epitaph transcriptions, census and parish indexes and other compilations. 

Membership in the NBGS also includes a subscription to the Generations newsletter.  In it, you can publish a query pertaining to the family you are researching.  When writing to the editor of a genealogical newsletter with a family history query, keep in mind that a query is a question that lets people know the interests of the person composing the item.  A query is about a paragraph in length, brief, to the point and easy to read.  In it are names, location, a time reference and other data to help pinpoint the matter.  The query should give sufficient background information on a family and ask certain specific questions.  Give a permanent address because it might be years before someone with an answer writes to you.